Findings refer to those parts of jewellery other than gemstones, beads, or stringing materiel. These include earwires, clasps, head pins, decorative drops, etc.

The term findings probably originated from a time when jewellers had to make every component they needed for a piece of jewellery.

Every jeweller or his apprentice had to be able to make all their own components. Each project required the jeweller or apprentice to hammer out a sheet of gold or silver and draw lengths of wire. Being cautious, they generally hammered or drew a little more metal than was needed.

The leftover bits would be set aside for later use on small projects or to modify an existing piece of jewellery. These bits came to be called findings. They were used to make eye pins, jump rings, or other small components. A small piece of wire could be used to replace a missing earwire. A leftover piece of metal might be folded to form a catch for a necklace. No scrap would be thrown away, even the filings were kept, remelted, and used again. This practice remained common until jewellers began to specialize.

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