Delivery and Payment

Due to the increase in bank fees we had no choice but to add a low order fee to our website.  All orders below R30-00 will be charged a low order fee of R20-00.  If you order for more than R30-00 the low order fee will be removed from your order total.  We apologize for this, but unfortunately it has become necessary.  Bank fees are such that with orders of less than R30-00 we actually make a loss and no business can survive on a loss.  We had two choices, refuse orders below R30-00 or add the low order fee to orders below R30-00.  We think the low order fee is the best option.

We send all our orders with either Fastway couriers, The Courier Guy, K4A Logistics (they work through UTI or RAM couriers), Post Net services, Pargo point to point delivery, Pep Paxi store to store or the postal service.

Although Fastway couriers and the post office are the same price, Fastway couriers doesn't cover the whole country yet.

If you wish to make use of a spesific service, please let us know.  If we receive no instructions from you, we will use the service of our choice.

We will send you your tracking number as well as a telephone number or website address to track your parcel.

Although we haven't had any problems with either yet, you will be responsible for claiming when your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged.

We pack the products as secure as possible to minimize any damage.

Our turnaround time for items are ±48hours, unless otherwise indicated.

Delivery times are as follows:

Post Office:  5 - 7 working days (please choose the Price Based Shipping Option at checkout for this option)

Fastway couriers:  2 - 4 days, depending on location

Pargo point to point delivery:  2 - 4 days 

The Courier Guy:  1 - 3 days, depending on location 

PostNet to PostNet:  2 - 4 days, depending on location

K4A Logistics Up to 2kg:  2 days, depending on location (overnight)

K4A Logistics Up to 10kg:  4 - 5 days, depending on location (domestic budget cargo)

Aramex Couriers:  2 - 3 days, depending on location

Pep Paxi:  5 - 10 days, depending on loction

Pick up from store option:  With this option we will let you know when your parcel is read for pick up

An indication of the relevant delivery fees are given below:


The minimum amount of R58-00 will be added to your parcel.  The bigger the order, the higher the amount will be.

This is to cover postage and handling fees.  This is for standard insured post.  You should be able to collect your parcel from the post office in 3-5 working days.

Please choose the PRICE BASED SHIPPING option at checkout for this option.



If you would like to make use of The Courier Guy, the amount added to your order will depend on the size and weight of your parcel, the delivery method you choose as well as your location.  The minimum amount will be approximately R170-00 per parcel for main areas.  Outlying areas are very expensive and we will give you a manual quote if you live in an outlying area and wish to make use of The Courier Guy.   If you use this courier service, you should receive your parcel in 3 working days.  The Courier Guy delivers countrywide.


With Fastway couriers, the minimum amount will be approximately R60-00 per parcel.  Fastway couriers only delivers in certain areas of the country.  Conditions do apply.


With Pargo delivery, the amount added will be R99-00.  This is for a parcel up to 5kg.  Pargo do NOT deliver at your work or home address.  They deliver to a delivery point near you.  To find out where your nearest delivery point is, please visit their website on and click on the Find a Store tab.  This will enable you to find your nearest Pargo delivery point.  With this service, you should be able to collect your parcel from the delivery point in 2 - 4 working days, depending on location.


With Postnet the price will be R99-00 for a parcel of up to 5kg.  If your parcel weighs more than 5kg, we will adjust your postage fee manually to reflect the new price.  This is a Postnet to Postnet service.  They do NOT deliver to your door.  You will have to pick up the parcel at your nearest PostNet centre.  You should be able to collect your parcel from Postnet within 4 working days.


With K4A Logistics a parcel up to 2kg will be R130-00.  For parcels more than 2kg, it will be R30-00 per kilogram extra.  This is for 24 - 48 hour delivery. We suggest this option for larger parcels of 10kg or more.


With Aramex we can send a parcel of maximum 3kg for R99-00.  Parcels larger than 3kg will either have to be be split into two or more parcels and thus will cost R99-00 per parcel, or you will have to use another delivery option.


Paxi from Pep is a store to store delivery option.  We hand it in at our local Pep store and you pick it up from your local Pep store.  The cost is R49-95 for a A4 satchel which should hold  ±2kg of beads.

Paxi also has a A3 Satchel which should hold ±6kg of beads.  The price for the A3 satchel is R80-00.


With this option you may pick up your parcel from our store during OUR business hours.  After you've placed your order and we've received your proof of payment, we will pack your order and let you know when the parcel is ready for pick up.  You may then pick up the parcel yourself or send your courier of choice.  If you are sending a courier please let us know beforehand so we can pack the parcel securely in a box for courier pick up.

Please note our business hours below.  If you are NOT able to pick up your parcel during our business hours then this is not the option for you.

Monday - Thursday:  08:00 - 15:00

Friday:  08:00 - 14:00

This option is free and you do not have to pay for delivery fees.

If you are not sure which shipping option to choose, please choose THE FLAT RATE SHIPPING option and we will quote you on the available options after we've packed your order.

Please note that whatever option you choose on checkout, we reserve the right to adjust the quote after we've packed and weighed your parcel.  We will inform you of the new amount due when we are done packing your order, if necessary.  For instance if you choose Fastway couriers and you are not on their route, we will inform you and give you the chance to choose a different option.  If you choose K4A Logistics up to 2kg, and your parcel weighs more, we will inform you and you can decide what you want to do.

If we receive no instructions from you as to what service to use, we will use the service of our choice.

Our postage fees include packing material as well and is NON negotiable.  If you are not happy with our delivery fees, you are more than welcome to send your own courier to pick up your parcel from us.

Delivery times are estimates only, and we are not liable for any late deliveries.  We are also not liable for parcels lost by the post office or the courier service.  It is your responsibility to claim from the post office in case of parcels going missing.  Please note that after your parcel has left us by either being picked up by the courier company or being dropped of at the post office, we have NO further control over the parcel.  Delivery is the responsibility of the said company and you should contact them should you have a problem.

Should you have a special delivery request we can request the courier company to comply, but it is totally up to them whether they do or not.  They usually comply with special requests if possible, but please note that they have a spesific route and time table and can not deliver on spesific times.  With courier delivery you need to be flexible. 

Ownership of the items are passed on to you as soon as we've received payment and the parcel has left our premises.


When we receive your order, we pack it and when we are done, we notify you of the amount due and send you our banking details.  You can make payment by cash deposit, electronic funds transfer or ATM transfer.  If you wish to make payment using a credit card, you will either have to do it using the Payfast website OR do a transfer from your account to ours.

As soon as we receive proof of payment, we will send you your tracking number.  If payment is received before 10:00 in the morning, the parcel will be posted the same day.  When payment is received after 10:00, the parcel will be posted the following day.  Please note, we DO NOT send parcels cash on delivery.

Prices listed in the catalog are subject to change without prior notice,  Items are subject to availability.

Although we do our absolute best to keep the website up to date, there may be times when items shown on the website are out of stock. 

Also keep in mind that although we try to keep the photo's as true as possible, actual colour may differ slightly because of different monitor settings.


To qualify for discount, you need to be registered with us as a shop owner.  ONLY shop owners will receive discount.

Buy for R2000 or more and receive 5% discount.

Buy for R5000 or more and receive 10% discount.

The above applies only to orders on a single invoice.

Items that are gradually added and then paid together (for example, 3 orders added together) do not qualify for discount.

The above applies to traders ONLY.


You will be charged a 15% handling fee on returned items.

You should inform us within 48 hours of you receiving the items that you want to return them.  We will then send you a Credit note to complete. You then have to return it to us together with the parcel and a copy of your invoice.  We will only give you credit once we've received the parcel and everything is in order.  All items should be in their original packaging and not opened or used.  If you do not comply with the conditions above, you will not receive a credit from us.

In the case of a broken or faulty item, the above will apply except for the 15% handling fee.  We do not charge a handling fee on broken or faulty items.

Postage will be for your account.

Please note, we DO NOT give cash refunds.  We ONLY give credit or exchange the items for you.

No credit or exchange will be considered if you do not notify us in time as set out above.

If you are having trouble placing an order, please phone us and we will assist you as best we can with a suitable solution.

If you place an order and DO NOT hear from us within the next 24 hours (public holidays and weekends excluded), please contact us immediately.



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